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Mechanical Engineer, Microfluidics Systems

We are looking for a hands-on individual to take leadership in the design and development of innovative solutions for our next generation Digital Microfluidics instruments and cartridges. This person will also ensure improvements are made to existing products to achieve better quality and/or cost reductions. As a mechanical fluidics »

Poster presentation at the Liquid Biopsy Summit

The Liquid Biopsy Summit is a symposium that took place in San Francisco between June 22-24 2016. In a “Poster Spotlight” presentation, Miroculus lead research scientist, Dr. Monika Martick, discussed what makes our platform for the detection of plasma circulating microRNAs easily deployable in the low resource setting as well »

MicroRNA Diagnostics Developer Miroculus Acquires Microfluidics Firm Kapplex

After an entire year of successful collaboration with the leading digital microfluidics company Kapplex, we took action in response to the great fit our technologies and teams and decided to become one company. Through this, Miroculus IP portfolio grows to over 20 patents in 8 different patent families. This will »

This Device Could Detect Dozens of Cancers With a Single Blood Test

"Current diagnostic methods for other cancers are invasive and expensive, so the vast majority of cancer patients never realize they might have cancer until something goes wrong with their health. By that point, in many cases, it’s already too late. That’s why a new startup, dubbed Miroculus, is »

Loom is an open access tool for researchers interested in microRNAs. The tool harvests the entire set of publications and establishes connections between microRNAs, genes and diseases as they are presented in literature. It is comprised of 4 micro services: 1. A listener that checks if there are any new »

Miroculus @ TED Global 2014

We presented our very first prototype at the TED Global stage in 2014. Our technology has changed dramatically but our mission and vision has not. Go to the TED site here to read more or watch it below: »

Introducing our journal club

We will be doing a journal club where Miroculus scientists will present trends in the field of molecular biology that we find exciting. »