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Senior Director / VP Product Development

Miroculus provides miniaturized and automated sample-to-answer solutions for molecular diagnostics. We use a proprietary digital microfluidics (DMF) technology covered by 4 issued patents and 26 patent applications in 12 different families that enable running any nucleic acid testing protocol on a low cost cartridge. Miroculus provides miniaturized and automated sample-to-answer »

Introducing Loom

Though academic research is a slow moving and rigid process, the rate of scientific output has exploded in the last 50 years. According to Borman (2014), the contemporary scientific knowledge doubles every 9 years. In areas like healthcare, the doubling rate is as fast as every three years and expected »

Loom is an open access tool for researchers interested in microRNAs. The tool harvests the entire set of publications and establishes connections between microRNAs, genes and diseases as they are presented in literature. It is comprised of 4 micro services: 1. A listener that checks if there are any new »